Southfork Security is a proven startup in the ICS/SCADA security space made up of cybersecurity researchers with decades of experience. As thought leaders in the industry, our team provides valuable cybersecurity insights, open source next gen products and tailored solutions to fit your specific needs. We are hackers for hire.


As firm believers in the power and goodness of Free and Open Source Software we commit to providing quality tools for the benefit of the community and the world.


This FOSS project is being developed not just as open source but as an open development experiment. The entire process will be video documented. If that's something you're interested in, watch/star the project and more info will be coming soon.

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Professional Services

As hackers for hire, our mission is to find and exploit security flaws.


With decades of experience, we have deep knowledge of the ideal needs of the ICS/SCADA industry. With our hands-on penetration testing and vulnerability assessments we go beyond simply using a tool to generate reports; we learn your specific implementation and approach each new customer with the care they deserve.


As a highly flexible organization, Southfork Security develops custom software tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers, whatever they might be. We have experience doing everything from creating fuzzers to embedding firmware rootkits in “closed proprietary” systems.

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Occasionally we will liveblog our open source development activities, news stories discussions, and other security-relevant topics. These live sessions are open to active public participation so feel free to jump in and give your two cents. We’ve found the best opportunity for learning comes when smart people share a drink and some conversation.

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The infosec adepts at Southfork Security are ready to help.

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